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INVAS Biosecurity is pleased to learn that, at last, the EU has adopted the list of invasive alien

species of Union concern (i.e. those that require action across all Member States in the EU). The actual

Regulation (No. 1143/2014) will come into force some 12 days after the publication of this list, which

is towards the end of July 2016.

While we all have been waiting a long time for this important EU Regulation to be implemented,

INVAS has some concerns regarding the actual species that are not included in the short (37) list. It is

clear to all those who work closely with invasive species, in Ireland and elsewhere, that a number of

key invasives are not included here. Still, this is not a time to be moaning and it has been made clear

that the list will be updated, as deemed necessary. Let’s hope that some of the species not listed but

that are currently impacting on biodiversity and ecosystem function (e.g. Elodea nuttallii, Crassula

helmsii and of course the knotweed species, among others) will find their way onto the updated lists.