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INVAS Biosecurity welcomes Dr William Earle on board.

We would like to welcome a new member, Dr William Earle, to the INVAS Biosecurity team. Willie has a PhD from University College Dublin in aquatic weed control and BSc in Environmental Biology, also from UCD. He explored the potential for a biological control program targeting Lagarosiphon major, one of the worst aquatic invaders in Ireland and around the world. This involved native range surveys of Lagarosiphon throughout Southern Africa across a range of seasons. The results of this research found several promising biocontrol candidates and two insect species new to science were discovered. Throughout his study he was responsible for operations and management of the quarantine facility at UCD.


As the Research Project Coordinator for the Applied Environmental Science Master’s program at UCD he was responsible for directing operations on a wide range of research projects. From this he has gained experience in the field working on several invasive vertebrates, invertebrates and plant species in Ireland and abroad. Willie has worked overseas with the conservation group Operation Wallacea in Indonesia. Having previously worked as a volunteer on the program, he was invited to return as a Field Ecology Lecturer. With a team of leading international scientists he carried out field surveys on botanical, herpetological, avian and mammalian projects. As part of his role he lectured students from around the world in biogeography, local biodiversity and regional conservation programs. Willie has  captained Lansdowne FC and also played international rugby for the Irish club’s team in recent years.


“I am extremely excited by this new position with INVAS. I am looking forward to working with and learning from some of the individuals and organisations on the frontline in terms of combatting invasive species in Ireland.”

Find out more about William on his LinkedIn profile.