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Invasive Plant Services

At Invas Biosecurity we deliver fast, honest, practical and sustainable solutions to prevent, control and remove invasive plants.

Invas Biosecurity Services

INVAS Biosecurity offers a range of professional and contracting service. The company also provides Biosecurity advise, methods and products that aim to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species. We will design professional control and eradication programs which will include field surveys, risk assessments and planning provisions, where necessary.

We can also implement control and eradication programs and provide scientific monitoring to ensure long-term solutions. In addition to our services, INVAS Biosecurity also supplies a range of products that will assist you in actioning your regional or local biosecurity program.

Invasive Plants Specialists

  • Invasive weed control – terrestrial, riparian and aquatic
  • Noxious / problem weed control
  • General weed control
  • Algae control

Biosecurity Products

  • Virkon Aquatic disinfectant
  • Angler disinfection Kit
  • Corporate disinfection kit
  • Permanent disinfection station
  • Microbal algae control packs
  • Inert dye for weed control
  • Sonic algae control


  • Professional advisory services
  • Biosecurity service
  • Habitat surveys
  • Ecological surveys
  • Project management
  • Appropriate assessments
  • Management and supervision
  • Water Analysis

Professional Plant Control Services for Invasive Species

We are professionals that specialise in preventing, controlling problematic and highly invasive plants that include: Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Gunnera, Lagarosiphon, Crassula, Azolla, Elodea, Potamogeton, Ragwort, Thistle, Mares tails, Ivy, Gorse, Convulvus, Bracken, among others
Invas Biosecurity

INVAS Biosecurity is an Irish company that offers specialist consultancy services to an Irish and international client base. The service is aimed at protecting and preserving our natural environment against damaging invasive species, whether these are terrestrial or aquatic.

Our scientists have the training and experience that enables them to offer advice on a wide range of ecological and environmental matters, with a particular focus on the damaging effects of harmful invasive species. INVAS Biosecurity can provide an expert consultancy service relating to the potential impacts that invasive species have on natural habitats and their associated flora and fauna, and on how best to mitigate these adverse impacts. Trained staff will also advise on the impacts for Local Authorities, land owners, etc. of national and international legislation on invasive species.They will also advise on the most effective and up-to-date biosecurity measures that are available to protect against the introduction and spread of invasive species.

INVAS Biosecurity specialists can supply the expertise to work in terrestrial and aquatic habitats. Desk studies and field studies can both be accommodated by our professional staff.

Consultancy advice is available in Ireland and abroad

Our consultancy service will be useful to a wide diversity of clientele including State bodies, County Councils, Urban Councils, planners, environmental institutions, farmers, golf courses, amenity managers, recreational fishery operators, lake and pond owners.

Invasive Species Consultancy Services

  • Biosecurity programmes – to prevent the introduction and spread of invasive species
  • Invasive species surveys – to monitor for introduction and spread of invasive species
  • Project management
  • Monitoring programmes
  • Habitat surveys
  • River corridor surveys
  • Floral and fauna surveys
  • Impact assessments
  • Water quality analysis and interpretation of results
  • Educational and awareness advocacy – particularly with reference to invasive species
  • Mitigation programmes – when invasive species have been removed or controlled.
Invasive Species Consultancy

Do you need an invasive plant specialist today?

INVAS Biosecurity will design professional invasive species control or eradication programs, to include risk assessments and planning provisions, where necessary. We will implement the control or eradication operations and provide scientific monitoring to ensure a long-term solution.

The first line of defence

Invasive Aquatic Species Desinfectant

It is the responsibility of all who use our waterways for work or pleasure to prevent the spread of non-invasive species on their clothes, equipment and everything else that comes into contact with water. INVAS Biosecurity is proud to introduce Virkon Aquatic to Ireland. This disinfectant will be a major part of the armoury in our fight against Invasive Aquatic Species that are now infecting and threatening our ecosystems.

Inland Fisheries Ireland is engaged in an ongoing campaign to educate anglers, boat users, public authorities and other stakeholders of their responsibilities in preventing the spread of damaging invasives species. They are encouraging all water users to take the necessary steps to ensure that their boats and equipment are clean and decontaminated before entering any watercourse.

It is important that all water users follow the best practice of disinfecting their gear before entering water.

Disinfection Kits

With legislation obliging organisations and individuals to prevent the spread of invasive species throughout Europe, biosecurity will now be an important aspect of our daily activities.

At INVAS, we provide a range of products to help you improve biosecurity for your operations. We stock Virkon® Aquatic, a broad spectrum virucidal surface and equipment disinfectant. One of our wide range of portable and permanent disinfection stations will provide a biosecurity option to suit your organisation and its activities. Contact us in relation to your biosecurity needs and to discuss further options available to you.

Desinfection Kit

In keeping with INVAS Biosecurity’s mission of providing the first line of defence against the Invasive threat, we offer a portable Disinfectant Kit that was developed by Inland Fisheries Ireland. This will ensure that all water users can simply and effectively disinfect their footwear and gear after leaving the water. It will now also be possible to decontaminate boats when they exit the water.

Products that INVAS Biosecurity Offer include:

  • Virkon Aquatic Powder (10kg tubs) and Virkon Aquatic Tablets (50)
  • Disinfection Kit for corporate use
  • Portable Disinfectant Kit for use by individual contractors, anglers, boaters, etc
  • Permenant Disinfection Station for use at building sites, angling venues, marinas etc
  • Disinfection Tanks for use at site offices, angling competitions, outdoor recreational events

Do you need a biosecurity product?

Invasive Plant Problems and Solutions

In keeping with INVAS Biosecurity’s mission of providing the first line of defence against the Invasive threat, we offer a portable Disinfectant Kit that was developed by Inland Fisheries Ireland. This will ensure that all water users can simply and effectively disinfect their footwear and gear after leaving the water. It will now also be possible to decontaminate boats when they exit the water.

Did you know?

Under the European Communities (Birds and Natural Habitats) Regulations 2011 it is an offence to “plant, disperse, allow or cause to disperse, spread or otherwise cause to grow” a wide range of non-native species that are listed in the Third Schedule of these Regulations.

The Cause

Many non-native species that have become invasive were introduced by collectors of plants in the 19th century.
Due to globalisation the issue has accelerated and many more species are hitchhiking on cargo and in ballast water. Garden centres are continuing to contribute to the problem by selling these plants as ornamental or as oxygenators for aquaria.

The Problem

Invasive weeds on land or in water have no natural controls, such as predator or pathogen control. This results in their rapid expansion across land and water, often resulting in significant disruption of the infested habitat and its residents. This can also result in serious loss to the local economy as angling and other leisure activities can be severely restricted.

What you can do

  • Always disinfect your boots, equipment, boats and trailers on leaving the water.
  • Encourage your co-workers or angling companions to disinfect.
  • Organise invasive species training sessions for your colleagues.
  • Report any plant, invertebrate, fish or animal that you might think is invasive to Invas Biosecurity